• Christmas Outreach party
    Christmas Outreach party
  • Students working on a summer Sunday School project
    Students working on a summer Sunday School project
  • Vacation Bible School
    Vacation Bible School
  • Enjoying a special treat during Chapel
    Enjoying a special treat during Chapel
  • Parents and Children volunteer for The Gathering
    Parents and Children volunteer for The Gathering
  • 2nd Graders in Sunday School
    2nd Graders in Sunday School
  • All- parish picnic
    All- parish picnic
    Careful not to drop the eggs!
Christ Church Adopts Safe Child Policy
In April 2017, the Vestry approved a “Safe Child Policy” to be implemented at Christ Church. CCWFB Safe Church policy.

Sunday Children’s Formation

Godly Play

Godly Play welcomes children to a unique program, which goes much farther than telling kids about things Jesus did. It creates a story around the children, so that they find themselves right in the middle of a scene from scripture. Then, it invites them to wonder about what the story means and how it might affect their own lives.

We have two Godly Play classes at Christ Church:

  • Children ages 3.5- 5K meet just down the garden vestibule stairs for Godly Play I.
  • 1st-3rd graders meet in room 11

All children join their parents/guardians for the Eucharist.


Connect is a curriculum for 4th-6th graders, which takes a walk through scripture over the course of two years. Year 1 is Old Testament, and Year 2 is New Testament. It incorporates a video, readings, discussion, art, and prayer.

Community Formation

Once a month, all are invited to an intergenerational “Community Formation” following the 9:30 service. These events incorporate outreach, fellowship, and formation.


Thank you to our wonderful teachers & volunteers:

Godly Play I: Barbara Larkin, Jean Bieszk, Beth Durant, Amber Wichowsky, Melanie Hinchey, Lineve Redlin, Sarah Pitsoulakis, Abby Janowiec

Godly Play II: Rob Bardunias, Joan King, Pam Eversfield, Katie Hermann, Jenn Olsta, Alex Rikkers, Brigid Miller, Anne Eversfield

Connect: Susan Cushman, Sandy Johansen, Ann and Tom Kowaliczko, Sara and Dave Frieder, Susan Lovern, Maggie Dietrich

Other Children’s Formation Opportunities:

  • Lunch bag pack for The Gathering on the 3rd Saturday of the month. Contact Katie.
  • Serving a meal at St. Vincent de Paul on the 2nd Friday of the month. Contact Lynne.