Care for the Earth – Green Team

Green Team: Statement of Purpose

To support and enhance God’s creation by engaging Christ Church members in sustainable living, so that we may serve as ambassadors in dialogue with the larger community.

The Green Team’s goals are to:

  • Serve as stewards of God’s earth.
  • Promote measures for the protection of humanity, wildlife, water, plants and soil.
  • Promote appreciation for the need to conserve our natural resources.
  • Promote sustainable living practices in our daily lives.

Look for our weekly Green Team items in the Weekly Broadcast and in the quarterly Messenger. Please contact the office to sign up if you’d like to receive these via email.

We welcome your participation on our team! If you have ideas or questions, or would like to join us, please contact Susan Campbell at

For Lent: Carbon Fast 2018

You and your family are invited to join in a Carbon Fast with many other Christians during this Lenten season.

Why a Carbon Fast? Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a heat-trapping gas and key driver of global climate change, so reducing our carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions is a matter of great urgency.

This calendar suggests one sustainability-related activity for each day of Lent. Choose what works for you or your family — one activity a week, the same activity every day of the week, or divide the days of the week among your family and assign a day to each family member. It doesn’t matter how you divvy it up, just make it something you or your family can commit to.

Access the Carbon Fast calendar here.

Carbon Fast 2018 is a Lenten journey that serves as a reminder of God’s call to us to care for creation. Our planet holds a sacred place in our lives, so please help us right our relationship with the Earth — in this season of Lent and beyond. Thanks for joining us!


Interfaith Climate Vigil

The Green Team of Christ Church hosted an Interfaith Climate Vigil in January 2017 — during the first 100 hours of our nation’s new administration — to hold our planet Earth in prayer.

Remembering that Scripture teaches us that we are stewards of Creation, it is more now more urgent than ever that we become spiritually and politically engaged in protecting our environment. No matter what actions are taken in the future in regard to the health of our environment, it is important to remember that we are all in this together. Divisiveness on climate change issues delays creative action. It is time for us to come together in prayer as we  find our way forward.

You can access the program for the vigil here. Many found it helpful. Feel free to copy and use it as a guide for your own prayers and meditations about our common stewardship of the earth.