The Rev. Seth Dietrich – Rector 

Fr. Seth was born and raised in Austin, TX.  He graduated from Wheaton College in the suburbs of Chicago.  After college he fell in love with the Episcopal Church through the beauty of the liturgy, the hospitality of the people, and the wonderful interplay between rational inquiry and experiential mystery.  After discerning a call to the priesthood at St. Luke’s in Madison, WI, he went to Virginia Theological Seminary near Washington D.C.  At VTS, Fr. Seth rediscovered the richness of the Bible, freed from the literal interpretations of his childhood.  He also encountered a God who draws near to the vulnerable and those on the margins.  He came to Christ Church as the assistant priest in 2007, and has been the rector since 2011.

More than anything else, Fr. Seth enjoys time with his wife, Maggie and his two children, Ella and Isaiah, and he is grateful for the ways they help him discover God’s presence in the everyday mess of life.  He is learning to cook.  He thinks camping and fishing are forms of prayer, and his family tries to canoe in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota as often as possible.  He reads fiction and nonfiction when he is not binging on Netflix. He has been surprised by how much joy can be found in Milwaukee’s winter, and he has learned to lean on others in the midst of a cold, slow spring.


The Rev. Deacon Nancy Hills