Employment Opportunities

Associate Rector – Receiving Names through Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Full position description and information for applying:

Job Posting for Associate Rector – Christ Church Whitefish Bay WI (February 2017)

Job Descriptions

Each job description has a corresponding performance evaluation (the rector’s is given as an example). Job descriptions may evolve after evaluations to keep pace with current responsibilities and new priorities.

Rector’s job description

Rector’s performance evaluation form (as an example of all staff evaluation forms)

Parish Administrator’s job description

Organist and Choimaster’s job description

Sexton’s job description

Vestry Member job description

Core Competencies

All of us are learning how to best use our gifts and skills for God’s Church and for the world. Below is a list of core competencies to which Christ Church employees and all those who minister in Christ’s name are encouraged to aspire:

Core Competencies for all to be striving towards

Christ Church Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook (Jan. 2015)

Episcopal Church Resources for Insurance, Compensation, Pension, and More: www.cpg.org