Reconciliation (Confession)

Reconciliation of a Penitent (commonly called Confession) is one of the sacramental acts of the church. At baptism, we promise to turn away from the many forms of evil in the world, whether they are cosmic, systemic, or personal. Confession can be a liberating way of confessing these sins and relinquishing the power they hold through absolution and forgiveness.

There are two different versions of private confession in the Book of Common prayer (beginning on page 447) and you can choose whichever one is most comfortable or appropriate. Confession is absolutely confidential and usually done in a private location in the church.

Contact Fr. Seth Dietrich or Mthr. Kate Byrd to arrange a time for confession.

If you are interested in learning more about confession or curious about how to prepare for confession, check out this extremely helpful book by the Episcopal priest Martin Smith.