The Christ Church Endowment celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2012. The Endowment is a dedicated fund that has enabled Christ Church and its people to create an enduring legacy of giving that will continue to grow and support our mission for many generations to come. It is managed with a view toward funding that mission over time while preserving the value of the gifts or legacies that reflect the generosity of our parish family.

Gifts to the Endowment are different from and do not support our annual stewardship mission to fund Christ Church and its operating budget. The Endowment Trust is a separate entity and is managed by an independent board of directors appointed by the Vestry. Their mission is to manage the Endowment funds in a way that will maintain their value over time, while at the same time

Christmas Eve Candlelight

Christmas Eve Candlelight

using the Endowment’s income to benefit Christ Church and support its mission. The Endowment is professionally invested and the Endowment board sets its annual spending policy with a view toward maintaining the principal value of the fund into the future. A gift to the Endowment is a gift that will keep on giving.

The Christ Church Endowment has more than $500,000 in invested assets. The Endowment Board’s spending policy for the past several years had been to distribute 5% of the fund value, calculated based on historical performance, to the Vestry for use in support of the parish mission. The Endowment Board’s spending policy is subject to annual review and is required to be prudently determined with a view toward maintaining the value of the fund.

The funds distributed to the Parish are dedicated to particular uses, but the majority of the funds distributed go to outreach programs approved by the Vestry. A gift the Endowment fund can thus support our outreach partners such as Our Next Generation, The Gathering or Habitat for Humanity for many years into the future. Endowment distributions are also used to make improvements to our wonderful buildings, to support our music and other programs and for other, limited purposes that are set forth in the Endowment Trust charter. Endowment distributions are not used to fund the parish annual operating budget. That is the mission of the annual stewardship campaign. Gifts to the Endowment are intended to last.

Gifts to the Endowment can be made at any time. We particularly ask that you consider the Endowment in connection with long term giving plans or estate planning. The mission of the Endowment is to give each and every member of our parish family an opportunity to create a lasting legacy of giving.

“Honor our History. Enrich our present. Provide for our future.”