The Haiti Project

 The Haiti Project – 90% of the Haiti Project’s budget goes to Haiti to help those in need — especially those living in the small, rural village of Jeannette. The two Episcopal Dioceses in Wisconsin are partners committed to working with St. Marc’s Church and school in Haiti to reach out and help the community in Jeannette. Our goal is Haitian self-reliance.

The major focus through the years has been education.  In 1987 the first mission group to Jeannette helped construction of an elementary school which now serves more than 500 students and has a good academic record in Haiti.


School Support

The Christ Church School began support of a student in 2012 with a Super Bowl Bake Sale.  Cards and notes were sent to Jesline Zephir our designated student, her classmates and teacher.






In 2010 a major earthquake hit near Port au Prince, the capital city, causing massive destruction.  Walls were damaged in Jeannette. The school remained sound, but several of the community water cisterns were damaged and two deemed non repairable.  Christ Church’s Lenten Focus raised funds for the needed repairs and rebuilding of cisterns in 2013, 2014 and 2015.






Two Mission Teams went to Jeannette in June 2016 to gain first-hand experience of life in Haiti and discern how Christ Church can walk more closely with the people of St Marc’s.


Hurricane Matthew Oct 2016

Hurricane Matthew took down 30-40% of tree cover in Jeannette, destroyed home and killed many livestock. Christ Church sent some emergency funds for immediate food relief and joined in the Diocesan special collection for hurricane relief.

A local hurricane relief committee was formed and has been advising the allocation of relief funds. The critical need was seeds for immediate planting so as not to lose another harvest. See the Haiti Project Facebook and web page for the recovery work.





Support of School Increases

In 2017, after two Christ Church mission trips went to Jeannette in June of 2016, it was decided to support an entire classroom.  We will be working with the First Grade class as they move through their elementary years.




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