Bible Study and Prayer

Wednesday Morning Men’s Bible Study

When:  Every Wednesday 7:30-8:30am

Where: John Thompson Room at Christ Church

What:  The Men’s Bible Study Group meets at 7:30 each Wednesday morning in the John Thompson Room to discuss the Scripture readings scheduled for the services on the following Sunday.    We rotate among those present the reading of scripture prescribed by the Lectionary for that Sunday (the Old Testament Lesson, the Psalm, the Epistle and the Gospel).   We pause after each reading for discussion and reflection. The Church subscribes to the resource, Synthesis CE, which is distributed monthly in advance to the participants.    In a two page format per Sunday, it provides background information and commentary on the scripture readings prescribed by the Lectionary, so the participants have a “head start” for the group discussions. We generally have five or six participants (sometimes one or more via Skype) each Wednesday morning.

After our sessions of about an hour or slightly more, many of us adjourn to City Market for coffee and rolls.

Contact: John Haydon, 414-732-5013 or

Monday Centering Prayer Group

When: Tuesdays from 5-6pm

Where: The Benton’s home.

What: Centering Prayer and occasionally Lectio Divina

Helen Benton (414) 231-3723